Help with a solution to get signal in the midle of nowhere

Hi all,

I know everyone here are very experienced in the area, see this in the material that is published by TelecomHall, so I decided to ask for help here.

I have a house inside the RJ state, and this house is far from the city center, and I need a solution to have cell phone signal and internet on site.

To advance, I bought and have already installed a repeater, these “Xinglings”, in a house that is closer to the center, and as the roof she sees a little sign, worked perfectly for this need, taking 3g signal very well.

However now I have a house in the middle of nowhere, and how it is kind of in a valley, the signal does not even weak, to apply what I have done before (already tried on roofs, poles, next the house trees and no signal !

It looks like a hill is who blocks the signal at the top of this hill the signal is perfect and takes the 3G signal even better than in the city center!

However, from the top of the hill to the house is about 300 meters away, and the hill has no Electricity.

I thought I’d pull a network cable and connect a modem with PoE on the hilltop, but only have internet without phone signal.
Or take Electricity to the top of the hill and turn a repeater antenna pointing another to the house (but also have no idea what better equipment for this) I’m not sure if a “Xingling” would do this work.

As I’m not sure the best solution then remembered to ask for help here, before investing in a device that the result may not be satisfactory and throw money away.

Any idea?

The best signal is from “Vivo”.

I am attaching the map of the house and the hill! And the house can see here Google Maps :slight_smile:

The house: -22.028427, -42.296511
Macuco, RJ

Thx in advance


Hello @gugurebello and all,

I think this is a real challenge and most operators are not focused on it.

Rural coverage is very important: two-thirds of the world’s population does not yet have Internet access.

At the same time, they’re focused on 5G on the most dense of urban environments.

If 5G becomes an urban system, what can rural people expect?

What does it matter if the car has full iot integration, with safety and health, if it arrives in the rural area it does not have coverage?

Building cost of a network is related to the area to be covered, and the real barrier to rural deployment is the lack of potential revenue per square mile (there’s simply no good commercial reason).

This seems a great opportunity to focus on technologies and innovations to help solve this issue:
Base stations equipped with a large number of antennas when researched for multiplexing and capacity; Cheap, energy-efficient battery-powered relay stations with intelligent sleeping modes that support the critical uplink channel have been studied for rural coverage; Studies on base station switching approach for energy efficiency are some examples.

So, for the humanity perspective, it is our responsibility to enable access for those who still unconnected. Furthermore, for business sense, more connected area will also enhance the scalabillity of the telco business.
However, when it comes to priority, where we should put the most of our research efforts? Enhancing the urban area capabilities or leveraging the rural communications?