Help on RSSI basic calc

Hi All,

Im just ramping on basic calculations for the RSSI in simulated env.

To simplify the things, initially i just configured , just one single cell, no neighbors (so there is no interference from neighbours), cell is not loaded.

i have configured 1.4MHz bandwidth (#6PRBs)

At some distance from the cell , i am measuring the RSRP which is -63.57dBm.

The RSSI, should ideally be around 12 times the RSRP (as there are mimimum 12 REs in 1.4Mz carrying the RS), and the noise.

So RSSI_in_mW > 12* RSRP_mW

RSRP-mW = 4.395 *10 pow(-7) mW

So RSSI_mW should be greater than > 12 *RSRP_mW
RSSI_dBm > (10 log 12 + 10 log RSRP_dBm)

1.7 - 6.3
RSSI_dBm > -4.6 dBm

Am i right ?

But the RSSI displayed is -52.778 dBm

Please kindly comment