Help forcing reselection from 2G to LTE network

Hi…could any one guide…csfb…reselection happening smoothly from 4g-2g and vice-versa…but while attempting to manually select from 2g to LTE network not happening…need to do forced switch off on of the hs

This is the message flow

Is this Huawei?

Yes it is Huawei

Check this one in our BSC

Use this one to create in our BSC side: MACRO (8.9 KB)

…also check the switches in LTE site

Thx…let me check

Becos …only problem in manual selection from a 2g to LTE network…otherwise csfb and reselection happening very smoothly…

Also check de LAC/TAC pair inside SGSN…

Lac/Tac is good…checked and fine

These one are correct? :point_up_2:

Yes…all are good!!


What are your reselection settings, are you using Absolute Priority based reselection?
Also do you have NCCR feature enabled?