Has anyone seen a 5G DSS SA network?

Has anyone seen a live 5G DSS SA network?

Doesn’t make much sense to that, does it?

On which band 5G SA?

As per release 15 there are limited frequency band mentioned in that, so definitely this bands are FDD only and 5G on TDD.

So answer would be: not possible till now.

Nokia supports DSS in SA, NSA and SA + NSA network.

Many operators are using SA + DSS.

Used in USA, Japan, South Korea etc.

SA + NSA + DSS, it opens the opportunity to use 5G also on sub-6 band while still been used for LTE considering 5G mobiles penetration rate.

Neverthless the DSS throughput will not be so good.

It seems quite conflict. SA target to higher performance, DSS 5G performance is not good.