Has anyone achieved 400-500 Mbps Uplink speed so far?

Hello Experts.

Has anyone achieved 400-500 Mbps Uplink speed so far?

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Has anyone achieved 400-500 Mbps Uplink speed so far

I will try to achieve that when Nokia starts support UL CA on TDD.
and 4CC on FR2 mmwave. we also need that speed for special customer.

What is required configuration?

Slot configuration can be UL heavy like DSUUU and if 2 UL layers & 256QAM radio condition.

Even with this slot configuration have you been able to achieve 400 Mbps Uplink?

I am here talking about an Use-case for an Iron ore mine…

With NR I have not seen more than 180 Mbpsec in Uplink.

Even I haven’t seen anything beyond 150 Mbps on the mid band.

Might be possible on mmWave, with some RF optimization.

N78/79, 100M BW, DSUUU, 30 KHz SCS, 2 UL layers, MCS 19 ~25 are close to 400 Mbps (application).

This DSUUU is very difficult to implement.

Traffic is not that way oriented.

Not sure what “very difficult” implies.

Public NW operators (MNO) would not configures DSUUU.

But private 5G can configure for heavy UL if needed.

Almost in test scenario used this pattern.

MediaTek’s T830 CPE platform equipped with three transmit (3Tx) antennas: UL CA + SU-MIMO

Wonder why would anyone need this much that too for UL?

What’s the use case?

They are not user, they are Cloud Providers. as for them Upload is more importan than Download.

During the time of DA/RA.

In that case, all the nearby sites needs to be re-config else there will be synch issues.

Specially for TDD sides.

Use case can be stadium and big concerts.

Everyone is streaming on Facebook, Instagram live events, for example.

Correct, also for that.

Were users are uploading there stuffs on social media.

Even for that 400-500 Mbps is very big expectation.

Assume you are in the ground and such high BW is required for telecasting the match.

Mostly for heavy work it is required, else 10 Mbps up per user is enough - and will be enough for next 1 to 2 years.

This is all together an another approach.

Was talking via Telecom Tower Perspective and expectation. Telecasting like Jio Cinema is on another domain.

The gentleman here was talking about use case of some iron ore company which was quiet amusing as to why would they need this high UL.

2.1 plus 3.5 GHz UL 2CC CA.

Is this with 5G SA?

I checked that long ago Nokia supported UL 2CC CA only at 23R2 for only 5G SA.

Computer vision / cctv and etc. captures high resolution images and videos, which are uplaoded to system. For QA and monitoring.

But still in that case 100 Mbps is enough.

But latency has to be low.

Right. For a Mining client - they have a use case like Fleet management.

There UL needed is in the range of 400-500 Mbps.

In fact, DL requirement in this case is lower than UL.

Could be 5G SA. It’s midband.