Harq process to reach 16 processes

Hello LTE/55G Experts.

Any idea how do I test or led that harq process to reach 16 processes (till harq process id 15)?

Max I can test is harq process 5 and then harq id number will be reused, like i see its periodicity is 5.

How to let harq process reach futher id 6 7 8 …15?

Please check the nrofharq_processesfor pdsch IE in your msg.

Make the RF conditions very bad then all 16 harq proccesses will be used.

In xml file already configured 16.
That parameter called numofharqproccessforpdsch

Maybe it’s related to maxretx? Must be 16?

Make it 32 maxretx.

Harq upto 16 is supported so that there can be 16 dl allocation before any ul harq ack.

It is more relevant in tdd when dl heavy slots are used.

Thanks, im using DDDSU, in S 10 DL symbols.
Isn’t that enough heavy dl slots?

No every D is 1 harq , so D1D2D3SU1 , D4D5D6SU2 (ack D1D2D3).
In U2, you will get ack for D1D2D3.
Therefore these are free and eNB will reuse 1,2,3.
Heavy DL will be like DDDDDDDD, you need to check what are supported format.
Even with bad RF, you cannot precisely control failures to trigger 16 harq process - it will be link failure before that.

Precisely you reach 5 ( 0 to 5) because of above explaination