Hello experts,

I have question about HARQ retransmissions. Let us assume we are using HARQ with 16 processes. My understanding is that, the gnb will transmit new data for 16 slots. Then after 16 slots, it will check the NACK/ACK feedback. If the feedback of the first process is NACK then the gnb will retransmit the first transmission with either Incremental redundancy or transmit exactly same (chase combining). But here is my question, the NACK/ACK feedback for a certain transmission can be in NR transmitted quickly after PDSCH (using shorter PUCCH formats for example with few OFDM symbols) then is the NACK/ACK transmitted for example for the first process not used until the gnb transmitted all 16 processes first? I think I am a bit confused with the timeline between have to receive NACK/ACK for certain process and having to re-transmit for the same process