Hands on session on MATLAB, Online GUIs, Tools used to characterize MIMO antennas, and useful blogs

In this video, the following are discussed,

  1. Brief introduction on Numeregion Tarang tool
  2. Useful online GUIs
  3. Various simulation tools that are used to characterize/analyzer MIMO antennas
  4. Useful online materials on basics of Antennas, Electromagnetics, Various devices and network architectures, latest technologies (5G and many more) and many more
  5. Useful Blogs on Antenna design, analysis, and testing
  6. Hands-on session on MATLAB - Antenna element and array design, analysis, and testing; 5G Wireless waveform generation; Filter design; Matching circuit design and optimization; RADAR; Various toolboxes, GUIs, and Apps
  7. Some useful websites on measurement methods and setups
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