HandoverPreparationFailure [RadioNetwork-cause=interaction-with-other-procedure]

Hi All,
Can any one tell me the reason HOprep failure?
Nokia MME and Huawe eNB.

HandoverPreparationFailure [RadioNetwork-cause=interaction-with-other-procedure]

If UE has already initiated a call then sometimes eNB block handover procedure until call setup process is completed. This can be one of the reasons for “interaction with other procedure” (call setup is given higher priority over handover". Huawei has parameter to disable this (i think) but then your call setup may fail.


Can any one tell the solution for these eRAB Failures?
At least if we can identify or how can we identify the root cause of these eRAB MME Failures with cause “Interaction with other procedure”?

What is this private UE period message?

It’s just giving the TA value.

I believe this issue is from Core end.
Is PLMN of this eNB sinch with MME?
Is this happening on a single site or multiple sites?

On multiple sites.

MME pool is same of that multiple sites.
What’s the TAC, TAL of that multiple sites?
Same TAC or same TAL.
Check MME definition at eNodeB. I believe Core end also needs to be checked.
Wrong PLMN or MME configuration in wrong pool may be.

Tac Tal is same, no difference.
Will check its MME configuration.
But abnormal UE can also cause these failures.
Or weak coverage as well.

But not on this multiple sites, is it suddenly degraded.
Or from start.

Check if reestablishment attempts to success is low or you have transmission issue suddenly.

It’s observed there is no security Mode Command sent. You can investigate it.