Handover types in LTE

Intra LTE…

  • Intra eNodeB.

    • It’s between cells when a UE moves from one sector to another sector which are managed by the same eNB.
  • Inter eNodeB.

    • Handover within an E-UTRAN. The procedure for when a UE is entering a cell managed by the eNB from a cell managed by a second eNB.
  • Inter MME (Mobility Management Entity).

    • This handover is triggered when the UE moves from one MME area to another MME area.
  • Intra MME.

    • When the UE moves from MME to another MME in same area.
  • Inter SGW (Serving Gateway).

    • When the UE moves from one SGW area to another SGW area.
  • Intra SGW.

    • UE moves from SGW to another SGW in same area.
  • Inter Frequency.

    • Inter-frequency handovers are employed when a mobile device moves from one frequency band to another, typically from one carrier frequency to another.
  • Intra Frequency.

    • Intra-frequency handovers occur when a mobile device moves within the same frequency band and connects to a different cell but on the same frequency.

Inter LTE…(Inter-RAT).

  • Inter-RAT (Radio Access Technology) Handover, also known as Inter-Technology Handover, occurs when a mobile device needs to switch between different radio access technologies.
    such as…
    • Handover to WCDMA.
    • Handover to GERAN.
    • Handover to CDMA.

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