Handover success rate issue

We got multivendor in our network

HOSR from Ericsson to Nokia works well. But Nokia to Ericsson is very poor.

Any suggestions

This post is transcribed from the LTE Whatsapp group

Handover through X2 or S1 ?

Handover is through X2

Does S1 is OK towards E//?

Ericsson to Nokia both work well. But Nokia to Ericsson nothing…more are on X2…s1 attempts are very low

Check x2 IP retrievals . check IP of enodeb in ipno and lnaj missmatch

Check the IP configs; I think IPconfig results in zero succes, is it the case ?

Did u check events’ thresholds ?

Not all are failed
Some successes are also there

Failures most come from intra or inter frequency

Try to switch to s1 all att

Are HO thresholds on both vendors same or different?

Handovers are Intra freq

m8000c37 and c38 for IP x2 retr

Thank you. …