Handover Preparation Failures Solution

Hi Experts.

What are suggestions to solve Handover Preparation problem?

Vendor is Ericsson.

Hi @b50ft, check neighbour definition of Intrafreq with your neighbouring eNodeB.

Also check MME.
IP is correct or not.

Yes, this might be reason of Failure but also Wrong target eNodeB Id also be the factors as well.

Some common preparation failure reasons may be:

  1. Target cell Acquisition failure or SIB read failure
  2. Incorrect target cell id.
  3. T304 timer expiry
  4. RACH parameter setting issue
  5. UL Coverage Issue

Now, further analysis depends upon logs.

Was the issue recovered?

I can’t complete the troubleshooting because the site modernize and the mobility HO SR is better :ok_hand:t5:

Thanks everyone for the support :clap:t5::+1:t5:

How could we say if its wrong target…? Far away cell…? Not adjacent cell…?