Handover from MeNB1 to MeNB2 in 5G NSA

In NSA procedure, what happen if handover happen with MeNB1 to MeNB2?
MeNB1 having PScell NR added.
Will it release cell and then add again?

Yes, NR wil be released and added again as per B1.

Thanks, so it’s like release and addition.
I’m not seeing sgNB release message… :frowning:
After handover happen due to A3 between MeNB.

Hi @ankgitm I assume PScell NR remains same,

As per standard procedure, during LTE X2 handover preparation request, SGNB addition request procedure is also completed. And X2 is released from source MENB to SGNB.

In layer3 or RRC messages you will see only one RRC connection reconfiguration message containing LTE handover and NR setup info.

The rest procedure is same as what happens after the common SGNB addition request.

After handover completion, NSA UE context is released at same time after LTE UE context released.

Hope this helps.Thank you.

Depends on vendor
One vendor is like scg release -> LTE HO -> B1 -> scg add
While other vendor LTE HO is inclusive of PSCell change

Thanks @O.B for adding multi vendor view, the first procedure will increase avg. Latency…

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