Handover Event and Load Balancing LTE FDD-TDD

Hi expert,

What is the meaning and purpose of measCfgIdx ?
I got confused when I see this parameter, and handover event repeated under EventID with different measCfgIdx and thresholdOfRSRP/RSRQ.

I want UE to handover from FDD to TDD at the same sector, aggresively. I mean even TDD RSRP is low (in example : -115 dBm), UE should handover to share traffic from FDD to TDD, due to FDD is full with > 70% DL PRB, and TDD still low < 30% DL PRB. This site is at Rural area.
Parameter in LoadMNGCell already proper for load balancing.

Which parameter should I change in UeEUtranMeasurement part?