Handover Event and Load Balancing LTE FDD-TDD

Hi expert,

What is the meaning and purpose of measCfgIdx ?
I got confused when I see this parameter, and handover event repeated under EventID with different measCfgIdx and thresholdOfRSRP/RSRQ.

I want UE to handover from FDD to TDD at the same sector, aggresively. I mean even TDD RSRP is low (in example : -115 dBm), UE should handover to share traffic from FDD to TDD, due to FDD is full with > 70% DL PRB, and TDD still low < 30% DL PRB. This site is at Rural area.
Parameter in LoadMNGCell already proper for load balancing.

Which parameter should I change in UeEUtranMeasurement part?

Hi all.

Intra-LTE User Number Load Balancing(FDD) 550 550 245 per RRC Connected User.

Can i know what’s meaning of this one?
Vendor is Huawei.

It means number of users shifted from one layer to another layer due to load balancing feature.

Or from one cell to another cell.

  1. Allocated
  2. Config
  3. Used in the moment that you run the command

Should be follow same RRC connected license?

Or follow summation of:

Mobility Load Balancing Max UE Number

Indicates the maximum number of UEs that can be transferred for inter-frequency MLB triggered by every variable within an MLB period. Inter-frequency MLB triggered by every variable independently uses this parameter. For example, when both PRB-usage-based inter-frequency and user-number-based inter-frequency MLB are triggered, a maximum of MlbMaxUeNum UEs can be transferred for each algorithm. The number of UEs that can be transferred for inter-frequency MLB triggered by different variables is accumulative. The number of UEs transferred at a time must be limited to reduce the impact on neighboring cells. This parameter applies only to LTE FDD and LTE TDD.

Does these 2 (in red) should be same allocated license?

In case Intra-LTE User Number Load Balancing(FDD) is less than RRC Connected User(FDD), what will happen?

As the sales unit license is per RRC Connected users, it should follow RRC Connected users license.

As I know it won’t work properly or it will take effect only for the allocated license.