Handover between VoWiFi to VoLTE in a 5G coverage

Hello everyone,

I want to discuss a specific scenario related to the Handover between VoWiFi to VoLTE in a 5G coverage. We have a smartphone who supports a VoWiFi and VoLTE, but he doesn’t support the VoNR.

So, let’s imagine the scenario that we are in a 5G coverage, enable the VoWiFi and start a call. When the user starts to move, he will lose the Wi-Fi signal and the call must handover to VoLTE. However, we are seeing some problems on this scenario, when the mobile loses the signal from wifi he tries to connect to the 5G again and the call droped.

I want to understand better the flow for this scenario and why the correct HO for VoLTE doesn’t happen.