Guard band between LTE and NR

Hi Experts.
Is anyone aware of guard band between LTE and NR?
Details: LTE is 2550 to 2590 MHz (2 x 20 MHz) and NR is 2590 to 2640 (other MNO).
Both LTE and NR are TDD, both are B41 and N41, frame alignment is done, NR is with SCS = 30 kHz and interference on LTE has increased slightly as traffic grows?
Concern is for MNO with LTE degradation due to NR, not for MNO with NR degradation due to LTE.

in order to avoid interference, guardPeriodLength =6 symbols is preferred

if LTE use 2:6, then 5G must use guardPeriodLength = 6symbols
if LTE use 2:7, then 5G must use guardPeriodLength = 4symbols

UL interference or DL interference or both?

I think this will help
This is gaurd band calculation.for 5G NR gaurdband is relatively low in 5G as compared to LTE.

What is the time offset used between the two frames on LTE and NR? Is it 0ms or 3ms?
Is LTE degraded for UL only, DL only or both?

I think LTE and NR performance difference is because LTE’s PUCCH is transmitted in the band-edge, while NR’s PUCCH and PUSCH are flexible allocated within the band.
If MNO with NR can limit its RB allocation on the center of the band (according the the diagram), the enough guard band is there for LTE to maintain the performance.