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When you need to find information on a specific model of a cell phone (handset, smartphone or even UE for Telecom Engineers) where do you look for?

The site you are about to see now probably have the info you need - GSM Arena!
Note: Although the name suggest, it don’t have only GSM handsets: instead it have all other current radio access technologies!

Finding info for your specific handset

To find information for a specific model of phone you have several options, but the fastest is to use the quick search on the upper right.

Enter the model (or part thereof), and click the red arrow. You will be directed to the page with the results.
The following are the results for E71.

Then click on your model, and will have all details about it.

In short you have:

    1. Main area: with all the information as networks supported (very important), weight, size, etc…;
    1. History Price: to give you an idea of the price change since the launch today,
    1. Popularity and Voting: Taking into account the questions Design, Features and Performance,
    1. Photo of the Model;
    1. Other features: as compared to other models, photos, manuals, etc…


Here you know every detail of your model simply by clicking the Pictures.


An interesting feature is the tool that let you compare models.

Below is a comparison between the Nokia N95 8G, and the Samsung i8510. You can see a comparison - item by item - from one model compared to the other.

To compare a model, choose the first model; and then in the page with the model information, select Compare.

Network Bands (Coverage)

In Coverage we can “discover” interesting bands operating in each country. By choosing to Italy, we see that the bands there are in operation: GSM 900/1800 and UMTS 2100.(Note that can be different when you visit this page - new bands can be added).

The purpose of this link is to allow you to choose a model that has the band of your country, but as a bonus we have information on which bands and technologies are available in each country

Of course this information is not official, but as the site is always updated, it is very likely to be right. Compare with the information for your country and see!


If you like to stay always on top of market news, you’ll appreciate the Reviews page. There you will find information and reviews on the latest releases.

Can’t find your model?

If you didn’t find your model, check the links page of the site. But there are no other sites with such good information about cell phones.


This was a brief summary of, the most comprehensive site for information on cell phones (handsets/smartphones/UE).

In addition to what we highlighted here, there are other options on the site. We suggest you give it a visit and explore the entire site.

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This a very old post, but the website continue to be one of the best resources to find UE information!