Good solution for RACH drop improvement

Hi All.

What can be good solution for RACH drop improvement?

Decrease b1 threshold NR?
Or threshold RSRP SSB?

RACH drop?

Yes, NR RACH Drop.

The drop in which message?

From stats if i see drops contributing rach.

Can go with:
ZCZ, pbch power and collision as well.

One of solution is to be contention free to be there as most preambles.

PBCH power decrease you mean?

That depends: on your clutter.

In dense clutter will it be better to decrease PBCH power.

But in that case deep indoor will be new worst.

And some times failure increase in that case.

Means coverage shrink.

Coverage shrink can be minimized with etilt.

Coverage shrink if cell is overshooting then go with tilt.

Yes, in overshooting scenario only.

I think your RACH failures are only coverage gaps.

But threshold RSRP SSB can it improve RACH fallures.

Not NR b1 threshold.

Yes, I saw that in my cases.

Because NR b1 will have impact on Volume.

Yes, correct.

So RSRP SSB threshold is good parameter?

As what if SSB periodicity done as 5 msec?

From 20 msec?