Good BCCH/MAIO plan

Dear Team,
I have only 5 MHz in 2G.
Please suggest how to do some good BCCH/MAIO plan.
Need help me since I ask about 2G. :wink:

Use some planning tools.
EFO is perfect one with such tight spectum bands.

EFO if you are using E/// network.

Isn’t it mutlivendor?

It’s a tool provided by the vendor (EFO is a tool provided by Ericsson) but can be used for creating frequency planning on ALU, Huawei, Ericsson on Nokia networks.

Of course there is several automatic frequency planning tools, based on radio measurements.

What is TRX configuration per site/cell?
You can plan RF/Syn Hopping as frequency is less. You can separate the 25 frequency into 2 part; few frequency for BCCH and other for Hopping set.
If you use 3X1, you have to plan MAIO carefully, and if your TRX capacity is less you can go for 3X3.