Getting SW error in Ericsson 4g node

Dear Experts,

Getting SW Error alarms in 4G Ericsson Node. Site comes up for a day then again goes down.
BB replace done
Node restored on old backup

Please suggest

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Getting "SW error "alarm in 4G ericsson site and cells are going down. When we restore site on old backup. Site work smoothly for some time, then again goes down.

Any log or alarm log you can share?

Hi, @Maxy. Does it rollback SW to previous version? Check lgg for crashes like following:

No: 25. Board restart. Reason: Kernel Crash. Program: kernel. Rank: Cold. PMD: pmd-kernel-0-20240104-112409. Extra: type_N/A

Can you share serial number of BB units?

Thanks Guyzz for the suggestion

Issue resolved post reconfigure from field end