FWA to replace Fixed Solutions?

Hello Experts,

As FWA is become more and more a reality (and will probably get a boost with 5G NR and beamforming and other improvements of this RAT), what are the main points to consider when deploying a FWA network?

Can FWA replace old fixed solutions? Or should it be only used for hotspot solutions?

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I think it can.

In 5G Fixed wireless acess, CPE antenna quality makes a massive difference on performance and TCO

Telcos using high gain Antennas can improve 20% coverage area and generate up to 25% spectral efficiency, which means more subscribers per site.

From a Capex perspective, this means a higher cost of CPE but a lower cost per site, which in the aggregated case implies up to 40% lower Capex.

Insightful session from Omdia and Nokia.

What about uplink interference?