FWA Downlink and Uplink Activity Factor values

Hello All.
Do you have reference values for downlink and uplink activity factor, for both regular mobile users and FWA?
Values for capacity calculations.

We are taking 80% activity factor for FWA for both DL and UL.
It’s empirical value.

Wow, that’s pretty high!!
Your calculation is the ratio between RRC_CONNECTED / ACTIVE_USERS?
Or other way around?

Yeap…When I was working with this kind of network (FWA) my range was from 75% to 80%.

I think you can consider 20% for mobile Active/subs and 75% FWA active/subs.

FWA average throughput session will depends of IP data speed package, but you should expect something close to 800 kbps what is A LOT! :slight_smile:

Yes, take total users, connected users and active users for busy hour calculation.
80% for safer side and also check 5G package type.
It is on GBR / non GBR and their limit subscription.

Do you know the inactivity timer in this Network where you got your data?

Same for you: do you know the inactivity timer value?

10 seconds.

Great, 10 seconds is what I’m seeing for a LTE NW too.