FWA CPE antenna quality matters

Hi All,

In 5G Fixed wireless acess, CPE antenna quality makes a massive difference on performance and TCO.

Telcos using high gain Antennas can improve 20% coverage area and generate up to 25% spectral efficiency, which means more subscribers per site.

From a Capex perspective, this means a higher cost of CPE but a lower cost per site, which in the aggregated case implies up to 40% lower Capex.

With a high quality antenna we can reach high DL throughput (Mbps) even distant (meters) from CPE.

High Quality Antenna benefits

  • Consistent higher throughput
  • Consistent better radio efficiency - capacity
  • Better coverage

What about uplink interference?

To get these benefits for both UL and DL, we should resort to mimo beamforming gain instead of high gain and high cost antennas.