Future in Optimization jobs

5G will bring unemployment to the RF optimization market?

In 15 years we saw salaries changing from US$ to local currency for same net value…

And now we also see optimizers working side by side with new “kids” with no experience at all.
Some even on a remote facility.

What do you think is the future for our industry?

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Your points are valid, We should not forget telecom industry is one of the most important Market/Domain in World. It is vast and we have plenty of opportunities to work on, We need to keep ourselves updated to latest tech.
Get in depth telecom Protocol level knowledge, also need to understand and learn how Automation, Cloud , big data, IOT are going to play big role in telecom,
Not only in telecom industry but all the industries out there everyone have to educate themselves with updated technology. So it’s common for all Engineers nowdays if they don’t learn and grow there is no work for them

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Virtualization, micro services and Devops are the key for future.

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Yes, totally different from Radio field.
Jack of all trades, master of none, what companies looking for nowadays.

Yes, true.
Radio field is almost a developed and saturated.
Open RAN is not going to bring any new opportunities.
In Radio side.

Then from where these Open RAN guys, for the new openings, will come from?
Same planet or different? :slight_smile:

Open RAN going to be more demanding in X haul side transport.
My view point is purely on Radio unit.

Radio unit will always there, it cannot be virtualized.

Is just a hype at the end when bulk rollout happens everybody would be called to do ssv first.
Customer needs drive test at first irrespective whether it’s ran or open ran.
Physical and parameters optimisation would be required but if automated tools then we are gone forever.

Future in Optimization jobs

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And Data Science is 90% maths.

Also, I believe if someone wants to start learning Data science, Python is the wrong choice.
Go for Julia.
But let me clarify: I mean for someone who has around two years to study Data Science, go for Julia.
Python is superb.
I have been coding Python since 2008.
The first book I read was Think Python by Allen Downey.
Allen Downey has now written Think Julia.

Man, if you know Python why do you waste your time in RF? :wink:

Because RF is my passion. Python is a tool. :slight_smile:

Wow, you know since 2008!

In 2008, MIT has first time used Python in the course “Introduction to Computational Thinking with Python”.
And they suggested Think Python as reference book.
Now they have introduced Introduction to Computational Thinking with Julia.
And suggested to use Think Julia by Allen Downey as reference book.

Is 1 month sufficient to learn it?

Depends a lot of the background and interest.
Python is made to ease the learning curve.
Julia is relatively tough.

Just for basics only, so at least can speak in, if required.

I suggest this course:

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I am seeing a lot of Ads like “Jobs of the future - AI Specialist”.


If it is true, then who will do Radio Work?