Frequently getting Rx signal level failure alarm at one of my SBTS Sites

Dear all

I am frequently getting
Rx signal level failure alarm at ine of my SBTS Site .
We are using WCDMA and LTE in Nokia SBTS .

Guys need your support to resolve this alarm.

Activities done till date

Replaced all RF Jumpers
Replaced RF Module
OTR and FSFB replaced
Site recreated after deletion
Scrambling code changed
Rssi value tuned to max 15
Tilt given to GSM

Guys it will be extremely helpful if anybody comes out of a suggestion , Did i miss any cell level parameter .

I am suspecting interference . Switched off booster nearabout,

Any parameter / anything ?

Swap the antenna and check if issue still persists?

Thanks for reply , GSM already swapped with a good cell

Also swap the others with supported antennas.

Any parameter level changes that can be tuued…

Compare the parameters with any normal cell in network of same site solution. Related parameters are transmit power, carrier bandwidth, tech mode, attenuation factors in case of mixed mode and proper configuration of ports.

But it seems to be issue of blocked antenna ports. So antenna swapping will confirm it. Best of luck.

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We have seen one case of intermittent rx signal failure alarms on nokia (rx level diff. between feeders to same cell observed at same time) and was on intermittently on multiple cells around same area and precisely at same time - that was due to some external interference

Thanks guys for support…

Will revert when resolved…

Is there any option to connect to cloud via sbts …
I mean can a laptop be assigned ip via dhcp while its connected locally to a sbts

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Hellp mohit, did u solve the problem?