frequencyDomainAllocation bit strings doubt

Hi Experts,
frequencyDomainAllocation other : '001111’B,
nrofPorts p8,
firstOFDMSymbolInTimeDomain 13,
cdm-Type fd-CDM2,
density one : NULL,

How can I know at which row is this?
As we have 2 options for p8 and CDM2 either row 6 or 7?

You can find the answer is in NR in bullets, from freqdomainallocother IE.

The frequencyDomainAllocation bit strings provided by the row1, row2, row4 and other information elements specify the starting subcarrier allocation for the CSI Reference Signal.
other: more than a single bit can be set to ‘1’ depending upond the existence of k0, k1, k2, k3, k4 and k5…

Thanks @RFSpecialist .
So that belongs to row 6, right?