Frequency setting in NR

Hello experts,

I have configured NR cell with n41 band and frequency 2593.005,and I have set auto calculation based on this Freq to derive some other parameters like ul Freq,arfcn and I can see it is calculated automatically.For this UE registered successfully

But when change frequency to 2594…UE is not getting registered

Is there any changes I need to do when I change frequency?

can you check agian: 2593.005 or 2592.05 ?

It is 2593.005

is it SSB frequency?

For 30 khz SCS, both 2593.005 and 2594 are not valid arfcn values for n41. It should be divisible by 0.03
Try 2594.01 or 2593.98

This tool is for SSB frequency calculation. SSB freq must follow GSCN rule, if not UE can not search SSB frequency.

Frequency range < 3Ghz: N1.2MHz + M0.05MHz, N = 1:2499, M ϵ {1,3,5}

For example: if SSB freq = 2592.05Mhz -> the ARFCN = 518410, standard
But if SSB freq = 2593.005Mhz as you said -> ARFCN = not standard

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