Frequency ranges used in Microwave and Optical Transmission

  • For Microwave mainly we use 3 main bands

    • Traditional band 7-42 GHz

    • E band 71-86 GHz

    • V band ( used in some specific applications like military and small distance transmission )

  • For optical Transmission we have 3 main optical windows

    • 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm
  • We have 2 types of high capacity transmission technologies

    1. CWDM
    2. DWDM
  • CWDM used in medium distance and capacity transmission

  • DWDM used in ultra Long distance and ultra high capacity transmission

  • DWDM can reach more than 5000 - 10000 km and tens of Tera bits per seconds

  • We usually use multiple frequency ranges in optical as described below in table

  • Most common band used is C band

  • In case of capacity expansion needed we can use L band

  • C band and L band has the lowest attenuation coefficient and highest performance

  • Each band has its attenuation and dispersion coefficient based on optical fiber type used

  • We have 2 main fiber standards used

    1. G652
    2. G655

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