Frequency combination details in Genex assistant

Please, any one have idea about where I can find frequency combination details in genex assistant?

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Do you mean the eARFCN of PCC and SCCs?

Yes, exactly.

In UE capability info message in L3.

All supported CA combinations will be there.

You need to use probe for better analysis.

He wants the instant ones, serving ones at one point.

Not all possible CA combinations (this can be found in

Yes, but we need the combinations that happened during the drive test.

I do not think you will get a summary for this.

You will need to aggregate in Excel this.

Did not find here.


Make an export with all RRC reconfig where it says scell addition or removal and timestamps and work it out from there.

Like this:

Is there any other solution?

I need to calculate the percentage for each combination…

I do not have Genex installed, only probe.

Genex is with license, probe replay runs without license.

I think you need the data for CA combination activated during the DT instead of UE Capability, as the UE capability should be same for the same tested UE.

Data for CA combination not the same of data 3CC combination.

You also need to be aware that CA configured is not the same with CA activated.

Of course!