Free Tools Initiative Continued

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Last year, we wrote about an initiative to develop useful tools for the community. We started by sharing CM dump parsers for Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE and Nokia. Today we are excited to announce the release of [BTS-CE] an open source network management platform. Our hope is to build on to this as we go forward.


Building on the CM parses, the tool provides the following functionality in this release:

  1. Automatic generation of a network baseline
  2. RAN parameters per technology
  3. Automatic network audits

This release handles 2 vendors: Ericsson and Huawei. ZTE and Nokia will be added in the next release which will be in 2 weeks. A detailed roadmap will be shared in a different post.


The following minimum requirements are needed to run [BTS-CE]:

  1. 4GB memory
  2. 64 bit OS (minumum supported Windows version is 10.0.14393 )
  3. 5GB hard disk space. More will be required depending on your network size
  4. Latest web browser
  5. Support for virtualization for Windows


To deploy the application, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the lastest version of [BTS-CE]
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Launch command prompt on Windows or terminal on Unix/Linux
  4. From the terminal, change to unzipped BTS-CE folder
    >cd /path/to/BTS-CE-v1.0.22
  5. Run setup command and follow any instructions given
    >bts setup
  6. Open web broswer and paste the URL (for Windows users)
  7. Login with username: and password: password

Processing your cm files

  1. Copy your configuration management dumps to mediation/data/cm/VENDOR_NAME/in folder.
  2. Log into the application web interface with the details provided in the section above
  3. Go to Processes > Airflow → Enable cm_etlp. This is the processing job.
  4. dag_run
  5. You can track the progress by viewing the processing graph. Click the cm_etlp > Grapth View job from the Airflow UI. Below screenshot shows the processing graph.
  6. One the **cm_etlp job is completed, you can view the other modules

Supported vendor CM dump formats

Below are the file formats current supported:

  • Ericsson: CNAIV2 for 2G, bullkcm XML for 3G and 4G
  • Huawei: all formats but GExport is preferred as it contains more information

Getting started

  1. Login

  2. Browse dashboard

  3. Network Browsing
    The network browser module allows your to search different network entities from cells all the way up to controllers.

The above screenshot shows the network browser dashboard.

The above screenshot shows the relations browser window.

Support the project

Your support will go a long way in ensuring the success of the project. There are different ways you can get involved:

  1. You can contribute code to the project. All the code is free and available on [Github]. View the contributing guide for more details.
  2. You can share the project with your friends and spread the word
  3. You can use the tool and provide feedback on any issues you may encounter
  4. You can write documentation and how to guides
  5. You can answer questions for other users concerning usage
  6. You can suggest new features



it says “Do not run as an Administrator” while running bts setup

does it need windows 10? it says docker community edition needs windows 10 professional edition

@h325190 supported minimum windows versions is Version 10.0.14393


Dear Emmanual,
Whats this DockerToolbox.exe?

Thanks Emmanuel

I got Hyper -V : Disabled
And Error checking TLS connection : host is not running

Can you help please

To enable HyperV

Hi Emmanuel,

first I would like to thank you for the tool, wich is incredible. I also would like to know how to load the vendor bases into the tool? What kind of extensions are supported?

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I wanted to try this but i have Win7

@h325190 at the moment you will have to upgrade. However, we are looking into how to improve this as some people have had the same issue.

Thanks @marco.almeida and sorry for the delay in responding. I have updated the post to answer you.

Currently, Ericsson and Huawei are supported. For Ericsson we require cnaiv2 and bulkcm XML dump files. For huawei, the GExport XML is preferred but you other formats can also be processed.

I am happy to provide more details where more clarification is needed.


Thanks @Emmanuel.

How can i do to load the base? Wich directory should i save the file?

@marco.almeida, have you completed the installation?

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I have installed it. but when i access via, it says 403 FORBIDDEN.
i.e. page is blocked. refused to connect.
Any idea?

Can you share the output from running bts status ?


i concluded the installation and the tool works fine. But i can’t load the database to do the analysis. can you explain the steps to load the database please?

I faced the same issue of 403 forbidden
@Emmanuel : could you check please and help