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LinkedIn Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

Did you know?

  1. There Are Over 930 Million Users on LinkedIn
  2. 61 Million Users Look for Jobs Through LinkedIn Weekly
  3. In 2022, LinkedIn Saw a 22% Increase in Engagement
  4. The Most Followed LinkedIn Hashtag is #India
  5. 16.2% of LinkedIn Users are Active Daily
  6. Over 58 Million Companies Are On LinkedIn
  7. 101 Job Seekers Submit an Application on LinkedIn Every Second
  8. Every Minute 8 People Are Hired on LinkedIn
  9. 57% of Job Seekers Use LinkedIn to Find New Job Opportunities
  10. 67% of recruiters say that professionals hired through LinkedIn are of higher quality

I am coming up with a 2 hour Linkedin workshop for Telecom Professionals to make best out of Linkedin.

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Wishing sanjaynolkha a successful workshop, and I hope all the participants gain valuable insights and skills to excel on LinkedIn.

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