Free Elevation Maps for QGIS and Mapinfo

Hi Dears.

I found a page that have elevation maps free for QGIS and Mapinfo!

It have maps for all the World and you only need to read the indications for download the maps.

I put the maps in QGIS to check Neighbors with height and have a great results:

Use this tool in QGIS: (Profile Tool)

This Compared with Google earth, the line is similar:

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Create sites plugin possible to be shared ?

Hi all.

I have one question: which is the best source of free digital maps 2D and 3D for Mapinfo, Actix, TEMS etc.?

I need street level buidlings etc.

OSM can be used to some extent.

Usually very good for 2D vectors.

Buildings and POI are also identified to large extent. But 3D support is not there.

OpenStreetMap :+1:

Do you have an internet link to chose, select and download maps?

Please go through this link to understand different options to export the map data:

You may need QGIS to convert shape files to tab files if you need.

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