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Download manager: if you still don’t use, should consider using it. The benefits are big, and you just realize that you need it, when you need it! Currently, with the Internet increasingly being used, we often need to download bigger files.

Supose that you are downloading a file of 120 MB, and suddenly your connection drops. Without a download manager, you inevitably have to start all over again. With a download manager, simply restart from teh point you’ve left off! Okay, today there are almost no connections that drops everytime. But what if there’s a blackout, or the battery in your notebook is over? And if you’re downloading a file and have to leave or shutdown for some reason? In addition, download managers increase the download speed by dividing files into sections and downloading these sections simultaneously. By having these advantages, and be completely free to use Free Download Manager, we recommend.

Download Manager

All download managers work very similarly. In simple terms, split the file into several parts, each part will downloading and storing. When you can download all the parts, assemble the final file.

It is more or less running thus for example the file-sharing programs like Bit-Torrent. Increasingly used, end up being discriminated against, because they facilitate the spread of piracy. But you can not deny that their algorithm is quite interesting.

Installation and License

The installation Free Download Manager is trivial. Download the installation program from the Internet, and proceed with the default installation.

Program Site:

Program Interface

The interface is simple and resembles the interface of the Bit-Torrent.

Very quickly we have:

  1. Main area : here are the registered downloads. You can pause, restart, or stop for each one; right-clicking on each one has a number of options, such as opening the folder where the file was downloaded;

  2. Logs : where you can verify if we successfully managed to start downloading the file, and how is the progress in graphic form;

  3. Navigation : organize your downloads into folders and filters, and can also see the history of your downloads.

Downloading a file

To show the operation, we will download the installer program again, only now using the Free Download Manager.

Get the download page, and drag the link onto the download box (we’ll talk about it later). Or simply click on the download page to download: as Free Download Manager monitors the browser, it will be started.

Just click the OK button, and the download will begin.

Tip: If you copy a URL (CTRL + C) with the file you want, you can just start a new download by clicking the Add New Download (or CTRL + N).


There is much to do in settings, there are enough, with functions quite intuitive.

Worth only talking about a setting: which monitors browser. If for some reason you do not want the Free Download Manager always try to download a file, you can disable this option to start the download automatically. To do this, uncheck the monitoring of your browser.

Tip: You can leave this option checked, and simply click the Cancel button every time a new download starts and the program will start together. After clicking cancel, you will see the standard Windows dialog for saving files.

Drag the links to the box

Menu: View -> Checkout, you can no longer visible as a small box shown in the figure below.

This box is always on top of all programs, and you can drag links downloa up the same, then your download is already all set up, clicking OK to start.

Tip: If you do not always want to see this box, click the right button, and uncheck the box.

Other uses

There are some other applications, such as torrent. But all these other features you can learn by using the program. And we’ll talk about torrent on another occasion.


This was a brief summary of Free Download Manager, undoubtedly one of the best download managers for free available. More details can be found in the help file of the program.

We hope you’ve enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!