Fractional Pathloss Compensation Factor "Alpha"

Hello Experts,

Has any body tried using the Fractional Pathloss Compensation Factor “Alpha” less than 1 along with changing pZeroNominalPusch other than default values?

Any opinions what were the results and what are the recommended values?

I am targeting improvement in UL Throughput in general.

Any trial on an Ericsson network will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Changing alpha to fraction varies the throughput of nearby, mid and cell edge user respectively. Full compensation implies equally priority to all.
Note: as you introduces fraction on alpha, you are to increase p zero.

Yes, Alpha<1 has to be accompanied by rise in pZero always else it will impact the UL Throughput for sure!

Do you have any reference in terms of a chart or a trial report where we can see the impact of this change. If it generates a huge amount of interference UL SINR should have been degraded for that cluster of cells.
Was it observed?
What was the impact on cluster level UL RSSI?

Any ideas for UL Throughput Improvement then?
I know in UL it is purely on subscriber demand, but still if we can do something.
Specially we have one customer query here that in a benchmark we had lower UL Throughput than the competitor despite the fact that we were allocated more resources than the competitor while everything for us for better or almost equal in terms on RSRP, RSRQ, SINR etc.

We have all the features activated till UL 64QAM. The only thing remaining is UL CA which is planned. But these things make impact if you can good UE penetration supporting them. UL RSSI is not the issue. As far as changing the PUCCH is concered, if you can talking about PUCCH Overdimension in Ericsson it will impact the UL Throughput. Some other thaughts i am expecting :blush: