FR1 and FR2 maximum cells per sector

Hi Experts.
For NR, is below understanding correct?

  1. FR1 can have max 2 cells per sector
  2. FR2 can have max 8 cells per sector
  3. For FR2, is it possible to use 8 cells with BW 400 MHz or its 100 MHz?

Common Thumb rule , Most deployment is based on UE capability support .

Most Latest UE s support max 2CC in FR1 so 2 Cells are deployed but more CCs support will be available later when tech Matures

For FR2 UE needs to support IBW >800MHZ then it can support more BW in FR2 . There is spectrum available in FR2 but UE support is needed. Some UE might support >800MHz but the call might last few seconds as device will heat up with that kind of BW


Further adding:

  1. 1 cell or CC for FR1= 8 ssb with digital beamforming
  2. 1 cell or CC for FR2 = 64 ssb max with analog beamforming

Now query is that where hybrid beamforming will use?
Is it for FR2?

SSB are 4 if f < 3GHz

Yes thanks for reminding for low band it’s 4 :+1:

Digital BF cost is high but target beam performance is better than analog.
FR2 if only use analog, performance is not good meanwhile mmWave need high resolution beams, so FR2 need analog & digital together, called hybrid BF.

Not really. Are you considering any supplier for this assumption?

I mean, if is there some link with 3gpp … I’m not sure.

No link

As it depends on actually BBU capacity how much BBU can handle.

In FR2 latest 3GPP release extended to 71 GHz imagine how many cells possible in 1 sector if any supplier don’t support 400 MHz as one carrier :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its purely HW limitation. No specification for this.

Yes big trouble. :wink:

For FR2 I didn’t find carrier having 400 MHz max seen 100 MHz although FR2 support up to 400 MHz.