Force UE to have RACH in Connected Mode

Hi Experts.

Any idea how do I force my UE to have RACH in Connected Mode?
I think about PDCCH order but I need to lead my UE to have sync issues.

Any idea how do I lead my UE to have sync issues?


Put it in shielded box for few seconds whilst doing data transfer.

You can infact use home Microwave, as well.
Funny but practical. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lolz. That’s true.
Thankfully my MW hasn’t got that issue.
But my cousins’ WiFi completely stops working as soon as you put on MW.
I never accepted his claims but have witnessed it myself.
Not sure why MW causes interference; bands are so far apart.

What do you mean by shielded box?

RF cage or whatever it’s called.
Specialized boxes to block external signals.
I never tested it but take aluminum foil and wrap it around mobile antenna see if that works.

Sheet needs to grounded.

Yes I have RF cage, so?
Because when UE is inside RF cage the cell isn’t sending PDCCH order, so need to go to the UE sync issues.
Do you suggest to wrap the anntena by aluminum and then try to transmit data?

Here are steps which I think may work for you:

  • Start normal data transfer session.
  • Put UE in RF cage for the length of out of sync timer.
  • Then take it out again, NW will hopefully trigger DCI1_0 or whichever is for RACH trigger.

How do I start data transfer session (iPerf) without my UE in the RF cage?

Let me keep it simple: my UE is in RF cage and then I can do iPerf (data session)?

Got you.
So how do I know the length of timer sync?
What is the timer you are talking about?

It is T310, T311.

So after those timer period I push out my UE out of RF cage.
So implicitly RF condition will be bad and then my UE will be disconnected, no?
So just get out my UE from RF cage and not back it immediately?

Take your UE out of cage, close the lid, keep it out for for 3 seconds and then put it back in RF cage.
Take care not to cut cables. :slight_smile:
Don’t close the lid completely.

That’s okay.

You mean actually to keep my RF cage kind of opened (not closing the lid of RF box completely) and to keep my UE out for 3 sec and then get it back.
In meanwhile keeping data session (iPerf) working along whole the process, right?

Yes, correct.

Thanks alot will try!

Thanks alot will try!