For NSA dual connectivity setting for attach request

Hi Experts,
For NSA should be dual connectivity with NR set to “support” on both UE and ms network capability in Attach request?

DCNR = 1 on ATTACH REQUEST, RestricDCNR = 0 or absent on ATTACH ACCEPT.

DCNR = 1 like in this picture:

One more bit in attach request.
Dual connectivity of E-UTRA with NR capability: Mobile station support dual connectivity as supported.

Ok, so answer is: if Ms Network capability exist in Attach request msg (because is optional), both, UE and MS Network capability should have positive bit for dual connectivity.

But if there wasn’t daul connectivity with 5G NR (just LTE) so the UE don’t know where SSB located so RRC message setup would be fail no?

Yes, and I see rrcconnectionreestablishment rejected.

Yup … I know just Im asking you to make your understandings very well :slightly_smiling_face: