For NR what value of coreset 0 used?

Hi All,
For NR what value of coreset 0 used?
I seen for search space 0 it’s use index 12 correspond to 48 RB is it fixed for all vendors.

For coreset 0 I mean above table. Why we use index 12? Does any netowrk using other index like 10, 11 etc?

This is part of MIB in 5G, I think pdcch-config SIB1.

Yes, correct. Why index 12 used? Have you seen other value in 5G network?
I tried to change index to 10 but find failure in SCG addition.

No idea why it is happening this.
It might be as well related to RBs offset that is out of channel (absolute frequency point A for example).
So the whole PDCCH (coreset0) must be within 5G channel not below absolute freq point A.

offset is point A + RB?

offset is from SSB.

One condition is, coreset0 should be confined within initial downling bwp.
Please check this is true for index 10.

I think all indexes are not supported by vendor as per 3gpp.

Hello Experts.
There is CORESET0 concept which I understand it in 5G NR SA.
What’s I’m still confused at is the index 0 mean what?
Is it mean the first CORESET in the resource grid that PDCCH mapped to?

Appreciated for anyone to explain what does that index zero mean.

I think it’s related to SIB decoding position.
There are predefined tables generally value kept 12.

So you mean at CORESET0 there’s information for SIB1 decoding?

For TDD, One of 10/11/12 should be OK depending on SSB frequency selected