Flowshark: Free analysis tool for VoLTE/VoNR signaling in PCAP

Site link: http://shark.haohandata.com:20280/

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  1. Flowshark is an online version of Wirehark signaling analysis tool. Engineers do not need to download and install programs, but instead analyze their uploaded signaling files (in PCAP format) online, and obtain a better user experience than the Wireshark (visible after login).

  2. The engineer who logs in has their own workbench and can manage their own stream files (PCAP), including functions such as uploading, downloading, deleting, viewing process diagrams, and seeking help from the community.

  3. File access permissions: The code stream file (PCAP) can only be viewed by the uploader themselves. Even when seeking help from the community, other engineers can only see the flowchart of the code stream file, and cannot download or view the original PCAP file.

  4. Sensitive data protection: The uploaded stream files will be automatically desensitized and sensitive information (including MSISDN/IMSI, etc.) will be deleted from the original data. We also recommend that engineers use the method of desensitization first and then uploading.

  5. The community provided engineers with VoLTE/VoNR related technical specifications (visible after login) (3GPP, ETSI, GSMA, etc.).

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