First pdcch monitoring occasion for Paging Occasion finding in NR

Hi All,

I have one doubt-
How first pdcch Monitoring occasion for paging occasion is getting mapped from the IE-“firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO”

As per 3GPP specs-38.304:

“When firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO is present, the starting PDCCH monitoring occasion number of (i_s + 1)th PO is the (i_s + 1)th value of the firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO parameter”

Here in my case- i_s = 0 which i calculated

As per above line in my case “starting PDCCH monitoring occasion number of 1st PO is the 1st value of the firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO”

So what will be the first value of firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO, if below is the configuration-

          firstPDCCH-MonitoringOccasionOfPO      sCS120KHZoneT-SCS60KHZhalfT-SCS30KHZquarterT-SCS15KHZoneEighthT :