First LoRa message bounced off the Moon

A group of researchers bounced an actual LoRa message off the moon and decoded it successfully. :wink:

The TX/RX antenna, 25m parabolic dish, was the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope - C.A. Muller Radio Astronomy Station - PI9CAM, in Northeastern Netherlands.

At one point, as the authors point out, the entire message was in space, in between the Earth and the Moon. Common Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware of Semtech transceiver LR1110 RF transceiver chip (in the 430-440 Mhz amateur band) was used, amplified to 350 Watts, using the 25 meter dish of the telescope. 2.44 seconds later, it was received by the same transceiver.

More info on Lora here:

More info on the antenna here: About the radio telescope – Dwingeloo Radio Telescope | CAMRAS