First 5G carrier aggregation (CA) call in standalone architecture (5G NR SA)

Just another breakthrough.

Nokia achieves first 5G carrier aggregation call in standalone architecture with Taiwan Mobile.

The successful trial was performed with Nokia’s AirScale 5G SA architecture in TWM’s commercial 5G network and combined two spectrum bands, frequency division duplex (FDD) in 700MHz (n28) and time division duplex (TDD) in 3500MHz (n78), which are widely adopted in 5G networks worldwide. FDD is a lower frequency band that provides wide coverage area improving cell edge performance; TDD has a higher bandwidth and capacity. The combination of these spectrum bands offers enhanced capacity and coverage supporting a range of 5G deployment scenarios, including indoor and enhanced outdoor coverage. MediaTek Inc. supported the trial by providing equipment to verify network performance.

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Nice Nokia! Waiting to see here - because so many sites already have n28 and n78 bands.

I did 5G CA test in Elisa Finland’s Huawei 5G network a week ago: (Article only in Finnish). Site is on production network but there is testing configuration and some reason bit slow than should be. Used Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G (commercial UE).

Found here Nokia NR Carrier Aggregation: