Find the source of external interference without using spectrum analyzer?

Hello Experts.

Does any vendor equipment logs provide info on external interference?

What are the ways of working to find the source of external interference, except spectrum analyzer?

Huawei – Online and Offline FFT Scan.

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There are performance counters per each PRB.

Like in Huawei you have Channel Quality Measurements


  • L.UL.Interference.LinearAvg (Linear average value of PRB-level interference noise detected in the uplink.
  • L.UL.Interference.Max.PRBx (Maximum interference and noise received by PRB x in a cell)
  • (where x is PRB 0,1,2 etc)

With max and average interference.

And if for PRB x the max and average interference is the same, very high like -90 dBm, then there is external interference!

Of course this depends also on P0_Nominal_PUSCH settings.

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I sometimes use NEMO Outdoor to locate external interference, like repeaters, other operators’ faulty RRUs, etc. Before it I check KPI (high RTWP, Average NI of carrier, etc), and approximately map the location. Also I search for repeaters visually :slight_smile:

Good luck!