Filters to charge different traffic like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Why Operators tend to use Filters and Filter Groups to charge or apply rules to different traffic like Facebook, WhatsApp, InstaGram?

When this is automatically detected from signature DB?

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We can use both approaches ip list as well as sperate filters.

Even if we use ip list then UGW generate filters by its own at back end.

Regarding why we not rely on signature DB, in fact it varies from network to network, like if we need to enable HE or Zero Rating etc. for some IPs only of any specific service then at protocol level it can’t be handled.

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This is one aspect.

But there could be others like, specific application ip/ports can be blocked as well on L3 or L4 or L7 corresponding to country telecom regulations.

Another signature DB check are also enabled for app like when you go with heuristic type of DPI( deep packet inspection) where pgws are loaded with the specific pattern generated uniquely by WhatsApp, Viber or other voip apps. These are licensed features.

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