Features for Interference in 3G

Hi experts,
Anyone knows if there are any 3G features for interference in Ericsson?
Just like Turbo IC in Huawei?

Hi @Firas_Attar ,
Do you mean for uplink interference?
Then there is one feature: NBIR, for uplink interference rejection.
It’s node level licensed feature.

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All these are license based and prerequisite require featureStateEULTdscheduling.

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interference suppression

Hello all

Is there any 3G kpi/counter to check Downlink interference?

You can check EcIo.

Yes EcIo, there are a bunch of them.

I tried to search this KPI but can’t find it.

Can anyone from Nokia let me know the exact kpi/counter name?


For Interference check NSN_UTRAN_RSSI.

ECNO Counters.

NSN_UTRAN_RCC_CPICH_ECNO is counter in Nokia KPI.

It’s having range.