Feature to offload traffic from LTE to NR SA

Hi NR Experts.

Is there any feature to offload traffic from LTE to NR SA?

I dont think there is any specific feature.

Increase NSA NR traffic by below method:

  • Reduce B1 threshold
  • Reduce A2 threshold for SgNB release
  • Split traffic SCG RLC only and no traffic split to MCG bearer
  • In LTE side, move all NSA UEs to LTE anchor carrier by idle mode feature


So you mean to increase traffic over NSA colocated sector from LTE?

Can you please tell more about split traffic SCG RLC only?

There would be some vendor specific parameter which decide how much traffic splited to SCG and MCG, tune those.


You mean DL split threshold and UL split threshold.

Let me check if get more details, thanks!