Feature to improve quality in ZTE 2G?

Hello dears,
Any ZTE Expert here knows any feature to improve quality in 2G?

Not expert… but i work with zte 2G3G.
There might be basic feature such as half rate, G18/G9 mobility.
But as far as i remember, even with dynamic channel conversions i had issues… As such i would have all channels on TCHf and 1 or 2 sd…
What kind of quality issues are you having?
Is there any thing that could be done terms of capacity planning and frequency planning?
Are you facing quality issues in DL or UL or both?

I’m facing issue in both.
What is the parameter setting in power control in DL and UL for remote looking cells?

Which codec you are using in 2G?

Basically cells are looking remote areas mainly due to overahoot quality of 900 degraded.
Physical change has been done but no improvement yet.
If you use power control in both uplink and downlink, what is strategy in remote cells?
Cells having high fractional load.
Traffic shifting between carriers also done.

How many total sites affected?

Approx 25 cells.

From starting quality is poor or now these cells are poor.

From starting.

In this condition if MMR quality is good.
Then you will not be able to improve because of high intersite distance
If MMR quality is poor then you are able to improve it.
Kindly check