Fast Charging and NoMoPhobia

  • Fast Charging has become almost a standard feature.

    • Smartphones with fast charging (>10 watts) accounted for almost 80% of global smartphone sales in Q1 2023, compared to 74% in Q1 2022.

    • In Q1 2023, the average power for fast-charging smartphones globally reached 34W, compared to 30W in Q1 2022.

    • Chinese smartphone brands are leading this trend by introducing higher-wattage charging across different price points.

  • Notably, this also ties well with our Consumer survey done earlier this year. According to the findings,

    • 65% of smartphone users go through emotional discomfort due to battery drainage.
    • 72% of the respondents start feeling anxious at a battery level of 20% or less*.
  • This makes sense considering how important a smartphone has become with people spending 4 to 5 hours a day on their smartphones. This has resulted in NoMoPhobia.

  • Hence consumers are looking for both - a long lasting battery as well as fast charging.

Image: counterpointresearch

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Credits: :point_down: