Extended-range mmWave 5G FWA case - Ericsson

Really cool case study showcasing the challenges and key results of UScellular’s and Ericsson’s partnership. They were the the first to offer consumers and enterprise FWA services, using extended-range mmWave 5G!

Source: Ericsson

New research shows a possible 3x higher capacity by deploying both millimeter wave- and mid-band radios on macro sites!

“mmWave Extended Range” is a technology breakthrough that redefines millimeter wave as a key solution for delivering wide-area 5G coverage.

It extends mmWave coverage from a few 100 meters to more than 7 kilometers, dramatically expanding the applicability of mmWave for Fixed Wireless access solutions in countries all around the World…

The solution is sustainable and brings cost-effective, fiber-like broadband services to suburban and rural communities to help close the digital divide.