Extend LTE coverage in Ships

Hi guys

I have done some testing using lte extender antenna to extend coverage in ships and all services Drops after 29-30 km from the beach knowing that RSRP = -100dbm after 30km and SINR= 1 db

Are there specific parameter in the enodeB i have to change it to reach more than 50km for maritime?

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probably cellrange its locked at 35 km

Cell range is locked to 15 km
do i have to change to 70 km?

Any other parameter need to change like preambleformat?

Also there is a feature called MaximumCellrange do i have to activated it? And is it free feature?

yes you have to change it, try to follow documentation. From past experience passed 35 km you will need feature activation etc etc. Try to modify the cell range to 35 km and follow your vendor documentation in regards to parameters and dependencies. Good luck

Im trying to find the best setup and there is no document that i can follow for sea coverage enodeb // ericsson.

I just found that i have to change the cellrang= 70km
And preambleFormat= 1 instead of 0.

In Huawei system, there is a feature named “Extended Cell Range”.

In Ericsson as i know there is feature called MaximumCellRange for over 100Km but im looking for 50 to 60 km only.

Thats great, so you can adjust the cell radius accordingly. reduced from 100km to 60km.

Maybe think about root sequence because it should match the cell range.